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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Me & Mr Magic Alyph!
Me & Mr. Syariffff!
thanks for taking the picture for us. ahahh he had to bend down ALOT! xD
cnnt see right? nvm (: [psst..more pics up on fb]

on friday,went to NYP with none other than nurul!xD
i was late for 30 minutes!! ahahah sorry my dearrr... ^^
when we reached,walked ard the school just to check out the space & such
but didnt check out the booths & whatnots.
searched for aai like what!LOL i went to the other end of NYP
then i found out she was alrdy at outside the auditorium where
the jam was held -.- HAHAHH! wth. so yeahhh
NYP jam was okayy..hanged out with nurul,aai & nurulj.
syarif,alyph & haizad imran were the judges.
we walked ard & then went to sit with iskandar & desmond.
crazy & funny guys lahh they two.LOL
took a picture with the boys. alyphians & syarifians! :X
oops!aahahahh no lahhh.. for once & for all,im neutral!!! peace^^V
i mean the two dudes have two very different personalities
& their own style.so it's a matter of preference. & i prefer both!HAHAHA ;P
& i only love them as an aritst.nothing more.no crushes whatsoever!
okay? okay BEST! now moving on.
sent nurulj to toa payoh & nurul at bedok. it's actually a shorter
distance to take bus at toa payoh dn to take mrt all the way frm NYP.. ;DD
reached home at 11 plus. (;
TP! jyeahhhhhh! the place to be. hahah
i love the spirit & hyperness of the school. really2 AWESOMEEEE!!
like awhhhhh!sommeeee! they were really friendly &
instead of us gg to them,they went to us. hahah thanks for sparing us
the effort. we even "clicked" with some of them
when talking for even the first time. utter coolness!
hanged out at business school with nurul,aai,nurulj,mirah & her friends.
iskandar came soon after & joined us. (;
met aryna & her frens too! we joined when the jam & hop is about to start.
fetched my cousin at d brigde & all of us started chatting& just hangin out.
&& as usual, SLEEQ was THE BOMB!! like boomz boomz boomz!!
to the bang bang bang! the two dudes really got the crowd gg.
& me & nurul saw our school mates. woww!didnt expect to see
them there.they were like screaming & shouting for SLEEQ!
ahahah seem like bigger fans than me xD
so anw aft their perf went to the back to meet them.
got a hi-five frm alyph & rif. & nurul gave them a piece of tissue
coz they were sweating like mad :O
had a nice time talking to them. really. & again thanks alyph
for the well wishes for my O lvl results!really means alot. ;D
my cousin kak ira was so smittened by alyph!xD OOPS. :X
until when alyph wanted to shake hands with her she just stood there
speechless.. haiyooo tsktsktsk *shakes head*
& nurul had to help!! yeshhhh..that bad LOL.
& best uhh serang aai dat nite ehh nurulj??! we told rif............ (:
i was so hyped lahh dat nite!but not coz of what u think i tell u first -.-
so anw aft separating with them & the other sleeqers,
me,nurul & kak ira went to the back & cam-whored.shocker huh?!!
ahahahah standard lahh peepz.saw alyph walking by & said hi.
btw these two girls just love teasing me. like nothing better to do right?
pfft! we sang along to the music.every song was DOPE!
i love it! hahah we left TP at ard 10.nurul went home 1st.
then me & kak ira suddenly decided to sleep over at rumah cik mah
since it's a walking distance away frm TP. such an impromptu decision!
so yeahhhhh went home the next day at 3 PM.
alright dats it! *wipes off sweat* im done!
azura out!! xx

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