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Friday, January 29, 2010

can i get a woop woop?! AHAHAH like finally :3

& so i went out with these two irritating buggers ytd!HAHAHAH ;P
well actually the plan was to head down to VIVO.
but somebody!well i dont wanna mention names.... *cough* nurul *cough*
woke up late. -_- see lahhh..online till late some more! TSK
okayy moving on..'hayley' aka kak ira..
[psst..she personally ask me to call her dat here xD & i knw ur readin dis :P]
she cancelled her plans in meeting her friend & decided to just meet us at tamp.
& then we had an impromptu decision to head down to changi airport!
niceeeee.. went T3 to eat at macD. im still waiting for my oreo cheesecake! *-*
shared my ghost story with the two & hayley freaked out!HAHAAH
& nurul cn still laugh abt it. -_- smack u then u knw!sheeeesh
then we walked ard..to T1 & T2 for fun. hanged out fr awhile at starbucks
the two keep talking RP language! riighhhttt... :P
& then we did this colouring at this A3 sized paper.
i think u knw what i mean right? yes? no? howells, it was fun LOL!
i know im weird.i miss colouring with crayons (:
one purple,one greennnnn! my two fave colours.wad cud be better? hehs! ;D
& i cnt believe what hayley & nurul wrote on their papers.you peopleeeee!
HAHAHAH & im the innocent one here ^^V
it's very annoying how these two buggers keep teaming up to go against me!-_-
sighhhh..the life of the innocent,decent teenager :3
& then we decided to continue hanging out at bedok reservoir's
floating platform.me n nurul went there 2 days straight!
we cam-whored. STANDARD PLEASEE! hahahah without fail
we will take tons of pictures.its just a standard routine LOL
then abg hadi joined us soon aftr at nite.he cnt stop talking!
talking about TP to be exact -.- well,i knw TP is awesome & everything
in terms of bonding or just mixing ard.bt he seriously didnt need to boast
that much. sighhh. no worries nurul!
u will still hav fun there okayy? keep looking forward..love youu! ♥

we separated at 8 plus.accompanied hayley at the bus stop n then home-ed.
what a tiring dayyyy!but its a good tired. cnt wait fr tmr!
see all of u there whoever's gg to ECP kayy?
alright now for tag replies!THANK YOUUU SOOO MUCH for the
overwhelming tags!im not kiddin when i said dat i miss everyone of you.yes YOU.(;

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. *everyone's like, "omg! she's coming!!" HAHA. sunami datang sume dtg! lmao! haha. and omg, u wanna maen with alep? OMG! HAHAHA. kay2 peace!
MEREPEK UHH KAUUUU!!*hyakdush masok goal!* kau salah bace ehk?
aku ckp aku tk maen alep or sape2 dongggg!sheeesh :P

nurul: yo bestie!!! awww!! im so loving ur recent post!!! the memories put together. wahhhhh. and nice pic edits!
"yoyo!yeahh i said it twice u gt a prob with dat?" ahah gd times2..& me toooo!!i knw right? & thankyouuuu dear me wurpp youuu! :3 ♥

amirah(:: hey yo! haha kk, gna update like..NOW! *zoomz* btw, u gng fnn outing?
HAHAH like finallyyyyyy!! yupyup!we'll discuss dat when u cme bck frm bandung aites :P

FANNA!(:: heyyy Im in my school band too!! ((:
hello!oh really? HOW COOL! hehs :DDD

amirah(:: yay whoots u miss meh! hahahah swensens jelak man! haha
of courseee!u knw i always do. :P! HAHAHAH for u maybe! sheeeeshhh..

DEE!: haha love you! SEE YOU TOMORROOO!
SAW U!YES..love u too! ♥

Mimi: ZOMG! I saw me? HAHAHA. I love you too, darling (: Sweet of you.
HAHAH! yesss u didd! awwhhh love you too. & thankyouuu! :D ♥

PAN: i see my awesome face there --->
HAHAHAH!shaddup youuuu! :P! n yesyes LOL u knw u love me xD

[val]: ohhhhhhh!!! Thanks so much, AZURA! I love you too!
ur welcome valerieee!! love you too ♥ (:

★Nurul: *pity face* omg, azuraangelique da jd azurafierce uh. uh oh! k la k la, kill me when u see me ok? (:
kauu diammm uhhh!! yesyes fo sho! tmr ehh? okay? okyy SET! >;D

Sherrynaah: Awgh I see Mimi & I. Thanks dear, I miss you too. :]
nyehehehx ur always welcome sherrynaah!see you soon aites :D

ctshahira: AZURAHAHA!
ohh heyy hayley!xD ahhh shuushhh youuu! :P

Aryna: WHOOP! My picture babe Hehe. I miss you so much too! Sorry for not replying ur text. I'm appealing I'll tell you then. Hope you understand xoxo
HAHAHAH!of courseeeee!!wudnt miss u fr anything ^^ n yesyesss!ohh icic
okayy then update me soonest bbygurl! :D love u & much misses! ♥

rushiqah: hey,umm..U'll be goin to ECP tmrw?.
hello,yesyes im gg. you? (:

once again thankyouu fr spreading so much love in this blog!keep dropping by! (: ♥ azura out xx


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