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Friday, January 01, 2010

sighhhh..i dont know what to feel,what to say,
im just...goshhh..
i've never felt like this before.
well maybe i have well i dont know!
thank you.thank you sooo much.
after all we've been through it has all come to this.
but!i do not want to say much & complain blahblahblah.
coz there's no point.it wont change a thing am i right?
so i just wanna say thank you friend.
this year,i wanna show more love than hate.
my feelings doesnt matter.i can just hold back my tears &
still smile.hiding the sorrow i feel inside.
im good at that in case u dont know.i shall just keep quiet.
not say anything & just go with the flow.
thankyou sezairi for saying that we should show more love than hate.
so i guess he changed my perception of life somehow.
i thank him for that. (;
i will ALWAYS remember this phrase,"smile even though ur heart is aching"
& now i thank idris for showing me that phrase.i shall continue smiling.
no matter what. so i just wanna say sometimes,behind my smile
lies a deep sorrow that i keep inside.but you don't have to worry.
everything's alright.i want it to feel that way.i dont want people to pity me,
coz i hate that.so let's just enjoy life & most importantly,SMILE. (;

xoxo azura (;

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