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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

be it classmates,besties,bandmates,trumpetors,sleeqers & em boys sleeq (;

really i love this whole bunch of people alot!
some of those who have went thru thick & thin with me.. (;
im thankful to have every single one of you guys here in my life!
yesss..love you all! hehs. <(^~^<)
this is a very random post.since like usual i have NOTHING to update abt
in my life coz still at this point of time im rotting at home!pfft :P
so im dedicating this post to the ones i love ;D
hoping to meet u guys soon somewhere,anywhere,anytime yo! hahah
oh wait,on 30th jan! uknowiknowsomeofusknow (;
&THIS IS A HUGEEE ONE FR KAK IRA ALSO!xD (dnt tink i frget u TBFP :P!)
& another thing,tomorrow is the day us o lvl students get to know
which route we will be walking through in our future.
*prays hard* i hope no matter what,everybody will be content with
wateva path god has chosen for us aites! okayy dats about it.
TAG REPLIESSS!! thanks for the love!! hehehehe :3 ♥♥

FANNA!(:: tagged babe! (; nice blog!! Haha!
FANNA!(:: link me yeahh
thanks for tagging fanna! thank youuu! & ur linked (:

★Nurul: seriously, i dont und wat u talking. haahahahaa. peace. diam uh azura. MBKKKKKKKKKKKK
★Nurul: HAHHA. SIAO TINGTONG. oh psl ade si AaAaAa tu. hahaha. n dhe nye muke vain abes. lol
EHH DIAMM UHHHHH!!! *hyakdushhh masok goal* HAHAHAHAH!
woiiiii..tk lahhh..syarif pn!syarif pn!!ishhhhh.. ahahh tau tk perr.. tapi tetap cute x3

eleena: heyl0 akak...thx fer da tagg..u r tagged,,+)
hello adek! no problem,thanks fr tagging! (:

rushiqah(:: hii! Ur welcum.. & i wanna say tankQ fr the advice..U rox! (;
heyy you! ur always welcome.cheer up okay? awwhh thankyouu! ;D

FANNA!(:: okayy will link you soon! ((; HAHA!

Andrea: Tagged :D
thanks fr tagging andrea! :P

★Nurul: HAHAHAHHA. Diam uh aku tau la. eleh, tkp2 aku phm. hahahahhaa. AaAaAaAaAa.
HAHAHAHAH!!kau tk serik2 ehkk.. *smacks you* SsSsSsSsSs ^^ amek kau! :P

Keith.: Well, Someone's too desperate for my tag, so here goes. HAHA!
-___________- shaddup lahh youuuu!ill kill you one day! muahahah >;D

azura out! xx
psst..keep the love flowing in ^^


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