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Thursday, January 21, 2010

went to gym with kak ira todayyy!
goshhh how much fun i had LOL
this crazy cousin of mine nvr fail to make me laugh
every minute..im not kiddin i tell u!hohoho
bt sadly we only managed to gym fr awhile..
HAHAHAH! coz right, something effin embarrassing
happened to kak ira.. goshh i shall not elaborate here..
AHAHAHH!im still laughing abt it..i guess
she has a phobia of gym-ing now xD
yeahh its DAT bad lmao!okay so aft gym,we took a long
shower..ahhhhh refreshinngggg! & then we headed dwn to food culture
for our late lunch. shared our meals (;
mmmmhhmm yummayeee! boom boom bakkk! (x
& we walked around tm and T1 yo!
so anws,saw alot of things dat i wanna buy -.-
nvm my mom's getting her pay soon HAH! :X
well,since she doesnt allow me to work,this is her price to pay! >;D
walked alot just now xP just to make up for our lost of gym time!
*nudge nudge kak ira* :P
i have alot to sayyyyy!but i shall just stop here coz i dun wanna
rant & rant n bore u readers out there. :D
BASICALLY i had tons of fun! enough said. till the next post!
now for tag replies.thanks fr tagginggggg!! mwahss ❤

nurul: awwww. such a touching post about idris. alahh i miss him laa. i want class outing again soon! lol!
AHAHAH i know right?! well he deserve it lahhhh. ;D i miss him too mannn!❤
cant wait for our swensens treat!! ;DDD

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. ALAAA MANE ADE TK PERLU. tentu da shortform. ok la tu. MDK! :p
AHAHAHAH!oiiii!kau tk jawab soalan aku!MDK SIAPE DONGGG?? xD

rushiqah: ohk..will approach u if i see u (: shld stare & remember ur face..hehes u take care too.. ❤
hahah yes thankyouuu :D ahahah you better!! o.o lol im just kiddin see u ard. (:

Aryna: Ahh yes. Classmates ! Hehe. Well, people do always say my sis & me look alike. Huhu. I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!
woww i can see that! hahah utter cooolnessss!haha u got me there fo a lil while xD
awwwhh I MISS U TOOOOO!! update me on ur results on 27th jan ok? ;D


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