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Thursday, January 07, 2010

went to SP & NP todayy with nurulbestieee!
goshh i had fun! crapping with her as always
love u lahh beb!
thanks for always making me laugh & all.
even tho it's bcoz ur teasing me all the time!
goshhh youuuu!dat mind of yours! soo ............!!! xD
ahahah anw!before i start,just wanna say dat nurul is starting
to notice chinese boys!yeahh u heard me!like finallyyyy...
i've been saying that they are cute but noooo..she insisted!
ahahah but okay lahhhh..sometimes its either way.(i mean malay boys)
okayy side track-ed alot. so anw, SP was fun!very welcoming.
we walked around & even stalked...or i dun even wanna go there hahahah.
nurul's idea yo! not me. ;P got free coke!
hahah & i didnt know dat the popcorn & cotton candy were free too. -.-
oh well,moving on..went to this tour bus to business school.
so DOPE!seems nice..& then we decided to head down to NP.
took MRT & went wrong direction -.- luckily!
i realised if not...! sheeesh nurul confident much! ;P
& to think that dover was just one stop away frm clementi. double -.-
we took the shuttle bus to NP.save bus fare! & NP was okayy..
& nurul finally knew what her desired course was all about.
good luck babeeee!think positive!sure u cn make it okay? ;D
hehs && every school has a different design/structure what u call it.
like it's different buildings compressed together to make up one school.
like wth? xD me & nurul overheard someone saying
"dat doesnt even look like a sch" AGREED!
after everything,rested at the area near the bus stop.
chit chatted & i actually slept for a while. sorry nurul to hav just
left u like that.exhausted much.HAH! she had the magazines to kill off the time.
took 154 to paya lebar!when it's supposed to be eunos. the bus ride was too long.
shud have taken MRT. & then home-ed.
so much travelling todayy!
but im all excited for tmr!!NYP JAM YOO!!
going to meet the boys..goshh i miss them!& hope to meet sleeqers too!

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