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Saturday, January 23, 2010

yes this is just a random picture which i love soo much!♥
i can just about go crazy everytime i hang out with these two (;

ummm..okayyy!well this is awkward ^^"
coz i have NO idea what to update. seriously.
im just updating for the sake of updating? HAHAHA!
hmmms....uknowwad? i shall rant. bare with me okay?
u know i love youuu!whoever you are who's reading this (x
okayyyy!firstly i wanna say thanks to nuruljannah ehk
for what she wrote in her blog. -_-
ahahah & ur welcome im glad i was able to help yo!fuhhh~ but aiyahhhh..
paham2kan ajer eh kau nurul biler kau bace ni..sheeesh!;P!MBK2 ._.
just u wait!HAHAHAH. so anws, i miss the two dudes alrdy.
Mr Alif Abdullah & Mr Ahmad Syarifullah. (;
im so proud to be supporting them coz they seem to be progressing
very fast.both here & malaysia!woopwooop! & i cant wait for their
official music video of Cun Saja.. waduhhhhhh!mesti cun! x3
not to mention their all english album.. ^^
& i cant wait to share my o lvl results with them. ;D
& no its not dat im proud of it but since the first day o lvls
was done i promised to tell them my results yo! so yeahhhh..
since i choose mostly design courses i really need a talk with alyph.
actually he alrdy advised me to not choose design school but what to do?
i have no other choice(: & i seem to have some inspiration of designers
like iskandar (; aka my MSN night buddy!LOL okayy nw for tag replies!!!
goshh i love chuu all thanks for tagging! <(^~^<) ♥♥♥

fareh: tek, relink.
relink-ed tekkk! ^^

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. your dream ehhhhh. LOL. and m daud kilau org yg dangdut tu la. go google fo it. HAHAHA
★Nurul: HAHAH. okay. lol. and buy for me one Mac eh. HAHAHAHHAA
HAHAHAHAH!ribooootzzz lah youuuuu! i cnt believe i searched MDK out of curiosity xD
sheeesh! n please ehk jangannn kau perasaaannnn~ jangannnn~ amaciamm?feeling2 kan?

Aryna: AZURA! Great minds think alike. I so wanted to tell you which school I'll be posted to. Hehe ILY!
YESYESSS!! woopwoop *hi five* see you soon gurlll! eeep cnt wait!lets hope fr d best! ;D
& ILYT! *hugs*

rushiqah: im hopping by & tag! ♥
heyy youuu!thx fr dropping by & tagging :D ♥

raikha: read my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AITE!!! im on my way thereeeee! ;D

azura out! xx


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