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Monday, January 18, 2010

yesyes this guy above..has just turned 17 yo!!
his birthday falls on 16th january 2010 ;D
he will forever be our class joker.
the light that shines up our class anytime anywhere.
without him,our class will be like moody and such. im not kiddin!
HAHAHAH i remember how that time he sniffed up too much chlorine..
yes!chlorine..from chem lab. ohh dont ask..its a long story..(:
our class was devastated & we were happy to find out that he's okay.
hahahah that was one situation that our class will never forget!
i miss him truckloads!!we had an emotional time together with amirah & zul
during our last few days before school ended for us.
dat really meant alot for me knowing how he said that he will miss
teasing me the most..LOL & i miss him teasing me xD
& the time when i cried in class & he said "smile even though ur heart is aching"
that really touched me to the bottom of my heart. such a sweet guy! :3
ofc not forgetting my other dearest classmates that comforted me as well.
woww this post really made me miss my classmates even more.
but heyyy,its okay,we all have to move on sometime.meeting new people
& making new friends.that's what life's all about.(well,partly.LOL )
cant wait to meet him & some others when mdm soraya treats us to swensens!
for our not-so-bad F&N O lvl results! woopwoop! ;DDDD
hehs im pretty much done here now for tag replies!!
once again THANKYOUUU for the overwhelming tags!! love u guys!


rushiqah: ur welcum & see u ard.. ;)
see you around too aites.dont be afraid to approach me anytime u see me (:

YESYESYESS!!dont let the teacher catch u sms-ing horrrr!!i'll not be responsible!HAHAH& thanks for tagging! ;D

Aryna: Oh-so-close to who ? Lol, sorry blur. YAY ! ONE BIG FAMILY ;D
hahah to your classmates silly! LOL its okayy im more blur than you!(x
& YESYESS much loveee! ♥

aai: Wow!~!!! yo read my blog everyday?! 0.o
HAHAH!skrg baru kau tauuuuu?!! ishhhh! ahahah asl?tk leh ke? ;P

★Nurul: hahahaha. I LIKE! MBK! AZURA! SUKE MBK! EH! slmt tk MDK. m daud kilau! HAHAHAHAHHA
OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!TK PERLU UHH TAG PSL NIII!!! *runs & hide* & sape m daud kilau? -.-
HAHAHAH nanti kauuu nurullll!! siap kau! ;P HAHAHA

nurul: HAHA! nurul jannah tag tk perlu sehh!! MBK!! xD
tau tk perrr!!Like i know right?! -.- kau pn jgn nk start! k shoooo~ LOL

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