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Friday, February 05, 2010

ahahah a random start to a post. :D
& soooo..went out with dearest nurul & amirah.
goshhh i love these twoooo!! great accompaniment i tell u!
loads of laughters,craps,gossips oh u name it hehs ;D
we went to an audition today HAHAHAH!
only a couple of ppl knw wad audition we went to.
you know who you are. the reason y i dont wanna mention
it is bcoz i dont wanna set high hopes yawww :3
lets just keep it on a down lowww.. aye nurul & amirah?
met at bedok inter. i was late! xP ahahah sorry girls :P
& off we go to bukit batok. WE.GOT.LOST.
yeahh u heard me! we got lost. -_-" missed the friggin bus stop
coz we aint sure where to alight actually. decided to take a cab.
then thank god we found the building! not noticable i tell u tskkkk
& the cab driver.so friggin niceeeeee!! we only paid like 20 cents
worth of charge fr the ride. how cool ryte?! & the reason is bcoz the
uncle said sorry dat he went the wrng way when in actual fact we
reached the destination. LOL much!
syukur alhamdullilah..rezeki tk kemanerr.. hohoho! ^O^
hmmm..well the audition was..... not bad... it cud be better ofcourse.
but wads done cnnt be undone.i shall just wait but not hoping too much.
at least i had fun! well u have to try one thing in ur life.
AHAHAHAH! nurul's gonna explode when she reads dat (x
then we headed dwn to woodland's causeway point & ate at banquet.
fried fish noodles!! nyamnyamnyammmm..I WAS SATISFIED :D
took 168.long bus ride.reached home at ard 8:40PM & watched suria elektra.
AWESOME SHOW!! & ze boys had did a great opening to it.
now y am i not surprised. hehs ;P
TAG REPLIES YOOO!! *screamms* ♥ YOUU GUYS! need i say more? lolol

WAWA: Hahahaha! Nahhh! I still prefer Quest Crew wayyyyyyyy better! ;D
HAHAAH!okay u got me. they RAWKKK!!! \m/(^~^)\m/ l-l-love themmm!goosebumps ♥ ;P ahahah kayy im still waiting for ur explanation young lady hohoho!

fakehayleywilliams: hey you need not put the "aka". So unnatural. Nevertheless, hayley looks and sounds better! How heavenly :)
fakehayleywilliams: its not suppose to be fakehayleywilliams, it supposed to be potentialhayleywilliams btw
-_____-" stoppet ehk.STOPPET! ahahah sound familiar? (x serious shiate 'hayley'
goshhhhh!! ehhh meet me soon lehh..miss u alrdy :X ahahahh!

rushiqah: ohkay!since i saw u once,i'll rmbr ur face (; & yah,yg syarif thingy is during the perf. ♥
alrightyo.make sure of dat lol (: ohh hahah no need to be jealous lahh lol ;P

/Chervon.: AZURA, HI HI!

Keith.: Okay. all the more reason for me to get out now knowing u're in it. and no, i find sunburn fun siol! the excruciating pain rocks!
shaddup youuuu!! -_-" one crazy person. HAHAHAH peace. ^^V

fufuloveszuzu:azuraa;D i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xDDDD && plz reply to ma tweet -.- lmfaoo i loove u
ahahahah youuuuu!it cudnt be any longer -.- AHAHAHAH! jkjk loveee youuu toooo!! ♥

★Nurul: -.-
ehhh?? O.o

ramy_uka: Heyoooo
hello youuu..umm do i knw u frm somewhere? lol!thanks fr dropping by btw (:

hey youuuu!!didnt expect u to be hereeee! HIHIHI ;D

azura outttt!! xx

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