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Friday, February 12, 2010

*coughs coughs*
wowww it's getting dusty hereeeee! HAHAHAH
hellohello! my amazing wonderful fantabulous readersss!♥
sorry fr the lack of updates peepozzz.. didnt hav the motivation
to blog. LOL? hehs!hmm okok where shall i start....

it 90210 babeyyyyy!!! woopwoopp ahah random okayy moving onnn~
went gym-ing with mimi at tamp. veryy late at abt 6 plus. hehe
tried the stations dat i've nvr tried before thanks to mimi!
& did i mention how strong she is.. ohmygahhhhh!! xD
aft gym,we met up with mimi's friend. frgt his name. HAHAH oops!
we went to pasar malam & bought burgers. yess aft gym -_-"
i knw ryte? xD ahahah no comments ;P had funnn yo!
shud gym again soon aye?

WEDNESDAY [10/02/10]
had shooting at ITE simei! exhaustinggg i tell youu!
& we did lyk wad? a few scenes?? & it alrdy took all day.

&& just so you knw. i didnt even utter a word. LOL!
sorry uhh. first time okayy u cnt blame mehhh ;P
but nurul got! ahahah howells u shud just watch & find out fr urself.
our eppy is next SUNDAY. aft alyph's eppy. (;
& i had to leave the set early due to sme reasons,so u wont see me
at d 2nd part of d act. oh u'll understand soon enough. & i made friends
with the cast. had so much fun & laughters. now i knw hw it works xD
called nurul & found my way hme. HAHAHAH! dont.say.a.word. :P!!
HAPPY HAPPY 19TH! ur last teenage yearrr!make the BEST of it. ;D

alamakkkkkk one yr older adyy seyyy.. am i supposed to call u kakak?
HAHAHAH!joke of the yearr mannn! DREAM ON BEB ;P
u'll still be a child to me x3 pssst present belated ayeee? better late than nvr ryte? hehs!

FRIDAY [12/02/10]
went out with 'hayley!' impromptu meet up once again!
hohoho! wad can i say? we're go-getters. hehs. went to tamp & bought sme food
& we surprised nurul by gg to her hse with a cake! omgoshh u shud
have seen & heard her reaction..totally priceless! I LOVE IT!
hope u love the surprise beb. we sure had fun as the ushhh! HAAHHA
but these two nvr fail to gang up on me. am i THAT teasable?? SERIOUSLY! -_-"
& standard, we cam-whored. alotttttt! nurul's hair rockstarrr ehk?
woopwooppp! gangsterr uhhh! bbrrrr.. aahahah ;P
she made me wanna dye my hair too -_-" ohh! & nurul showed me jimmy.
the guy who dyed her hair.. hmmm not bad ehhh! hahah youknowiknow lahh (;
aft dat,bought bubble tea, $1 much! bubblegum ice blend is dope!kekeke
separated with nurul n me & hayley went to floating platform.
our usual hang out lahh..dat place is just plain AWEZZUMMM!
it's windy & the scenery is just woww.. took lotsssaaaa pics! total 300 PLUS O.O
& pssst we even took a video of sme covers. shall nt elaborate. xD
it was out of pureee fun. (;
hope the bugger known as hayley will upload the pics soon! -_-"
she'll take agesss...like centuriessss! tskkk
HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY NANAA!! ♥ wahhh 17 sioooo!
see youu soonest at the class bbq/chalet beb! cant wait to catch up on things :DD
i loveeee her voiceeee! reallyreally. wish her all the best in her future endeavours!
&& not forgetting A HAPPY 17TH BDAYYY TO AMIRRRR!!♥
wahhh i miss this dudeeeee! hope everything's fine with him.
i miss our primary sch times. wahhhhhhh~ ;D

TAGG REPLIESSS!! seriously thankyouuuu soo much fr tagginggg!
bcoz of u ppl i want to blog as often as i can.promise more updates kaykay? mwahh~
rushiqah: No prob..i hv nuthin to do So i hop to ppl's blog..& ♥ u too & u TakeCare too!
awwhh hahaha!well then thanku fr always choosing my blog!appreciate loads!
yesyes thanks & you too aites ;D ♥

Sherrynaah: We didn't take a pichaaa! But it's aiiight next time babe!
awwwhhh yesyesss i realised dat too beb! D; uhhuhhhh nxt time its a MUST kaykay? hehs ♥

mirah: teeheheheheh ^^ boicomel is comel hor?
HAHAHA of courseeee!! wimme in it too!x3

Nurul: eh aku suke gambar individual kau dgn lyph n rif! so the lawa... azura nk step cute!
ohmygaaddddd! *hi fiveeee* ahahah me tooooo bbygurl! loveit3!! ♥♥♥
& mane ade step cuteeee!its PURE natural okayy missss! sheeesh :P

★Nurul: heh heh heh! k fine, jgn ckp lagi. bye.
hahahah!apa apa sahajaa lahh kau nurulll ;P!

potentialhayleywilliams: OMGAHD! Can i envy you at the same time kill you?! HAHAHAHA. ****sticks sia!
potentialhayleywilliams: the **** is S H I T. I can still write it like this, nevertheless, i still love you SISTER. ♥ (don't whack me k)
HAHAHAHAH!! jeleezz perr bebb!! :PPPPPP diam uhh hayley wannabe -.-
ahahahah!i can irritate u nw with dat pictureeee nw uh huhhh oh yeahhhhh! ;p awwhh love youu tooooo! had fun todayyy yaww :3 ♥

Aryna: Hey darling, nah it's okay We always have twitter and fb. hehe. I Wanna hear all about the acting soon xoxo
heyy youuuu! hehs. im so glad u understand! yepyep we do :P of courseeee!
omggg meet up again sooonnnn fo sho! ♥♥

FANNA!(:: heyy babe! hows life? long time no hear! HAH!
helooooooo! hahahah mcm phm lahh youuu!! we chat on MSN almost everydayy!! -_-"

★Nurul: azurawr da smbg seyyyyyy. HAHAHA. update la!
ehh aku sukerr seyy name azurawrrrr! kekeke. ishhh mane ade? aku peramahhhh siolll! :3
HAHAHA updatedd lahh bumbumm! ;P


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