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Thursday, February 25, 2010

SLEEQERS! hollaaaa~ lol
guess what?? this is our time yo! The boys have been nominated FOUR
categories on AnugerahHitz![or mayb 6 fr alyph.lol!;P] HOW DO U FEEL?
well for me, i feel proud to be supporting 'em boys.
seeing them make it this far. the boys have been working hard
to make us sleeqers proud. & so now, it's our turn to repay them
by voting hard too! now what r u waiting for??
we have about one month to seal the deal! so lets get our fingers rolling
& VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE! check it out below please & thankyou!
-They're uber talented!
-Writes their own songs,which are ahhhhhh-mazingg btw! hee
-One sings melodiously,while the other raps awesomely
-Possesses a lovable personality
....hmm need i say more? ;P

as you have maybe seen or heard, here are the voting numbers for SleeQ !

To vote for Sleeq,
SMS "HITZ 8" to 73388 OR call 1900 112 7708 nownownow!
[pssst,8 is a lucky number yo!so make full use of it.hahah]
&& even if you dont know Sleeq,for once in your life, take up 10 seconds of your time for something worthy & do it!xD even ONE vote matters so please.. hehe you'll be doing a good deed. (; Don't come & regret later for something you didn't do dat you wish u would hav done.there's no time to waste. gogogo! ;D
& ofcourse,you can vote for ur other favourite local artists too.

http://izk-ed.tumblr.com/ for more info aites! let's go!hee

azura xx


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