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Monday, February 22, 2010

how's ur monday goin readers? ;D
nothin much for me.i just received a package from TP.
i have no idea what to do with it. xD howells,ill ask ard lata.
but for now,im gonna update about the Class BBQ! heheh
like finally ryte? sorry for the lack of updates.im not in favour
of updating without a purpose. :/ kekeke
so it was on a friday night! well we went there at late evening
but oh you know what i mean.we took alot of pictures.like tons! & the ones
below dat chuu gonna see are just a nibble of the loads! hehe
the rest are in fb. okay? (;
so,i went with nurul,ami,naqi n hafs. & the mmt. we arrived
it was like hugging session i tell you!x3 n we automatically asked each
other the path of our future n catch up on things. nice to see
those familiar faces again.ohh how i miss our mmts in class (';
& the food. GAWDDD!! it was fxcking delicious! im not kiddin.
the chicken is so yummy n juicy inside out,the otah-otah was mmhmm..
thanks to john & irda for their wonderful skills in gourmet. ahahah!WTH
but seriously. lol we keep "losing" our cups.hahah!what i mean is dat
whenever we take a new cup n refill,we hav no idea which one is ours coz we
will just clamp it together with the rest. -_-"
so in the end we ended up sharing our cups. it was no biggy really. hee ;D

some time in the night,me & some of the other girls walked thru the dark & long
path of the long grass just to see a live acoustic band playing at this club
named timbre? if im not wrong. hehe well our other purpose is to go to the toilet
hahahahah!the band was DOPE btw.& we also set up a campfire. beautifull.. :3
played this silly game by the sea.& nurul's bro came along at abt midnight
to pick us up. before dat,we hanged ard for awhile & talked about TP.
"business school is the best!"
"ehh nono..engineering is the best!" -_-"
i have no comments.im content with design.. nyehhhh! ;P
alright2.i should stop blabbering now & let u in on the pictures aites!

me & nurul look like twins much! ohmygahhh ahahah ♥
how cool dat me & nurul made the same silly face!bestie telepathy hehehe

gotta love the background ;D
what an awesomeee bunch of people! love them so much ♥

TAGGYMAJIGGY!! lolol love you guyz thanks fr always dropping by! ;P ♥
Rushiqah: Hello! i luv the new vid u made.GREAT jobb. ;D
awwwhh u checked it out? why thankyouuu so much! hehe ;D
WAWA: Hahahah, you ahhhhhhhh.. ;D
hellooooo!cant wait to see ur new rebonded hairrrrr! ;P
★Nurul: dadaadadidadadada.
★Nurul: and i know y u like e innocent face at ur pic.
rahrahrah ah-ah rama ramama gaga ohh lala.hahahah ahh kann amek kau.
n ye ke? asl kau slalu tau niii? -.- hahah natural lahhh ^^
Farhana: Nice blog ! I like it Btw . Helllo !!
awwhh thankyouu! heyy youuuuu! ;D
cotton on: check us out!:)
soonest (:
PAN: hizxzxzxzx
helloooszsszs miss chuu soo muchhhh! ;P
wowww what a long post!well dats to make up for the lack of updates teehee
toodles! hah there goes my blonde mmt. i loikeeee ;P
azura xx


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