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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I made a new video!♥
cmon check it out. u knw u want toooo..hahahh ;D
i uploaded it at my other yt acc.
its a fandom video & the song was recommended by isk.
dope i tell youuuu!& so i just had to make a video with it.hehehe
well since i hav all the free time in the world ryte nw!;D
okayy it's currently 3:45AM ryte nw. chatting with isk. lol
its like our standard routine every nite alrdy
well at least i have someone to accompany me heee :D
wow this is the first time im updating something with no purpose. xD
well mayyyb it's not the first tym.
but it IS the first tym since i last rmb ;P ahh crapp moving on!
& yesss!class BBQ/chalet inn.. hmm wait lemme check....
2 daysss!! *screaammmms* dearest clasmates ohh i miss u guys soo much!
much missessss! ♥♥
oh yahh my new blogskin only allows pink font -_-" WTF!hahahah howells

&& if ur wondering how cme my tag replies below can be in a different colour,
well its bcoz i changed to my old blogskin in order to get dat colour updated into the
post n then changing it bck to the new skin.get it2?? lol
kesanggopan ryte?? I KNOWWW! hahah call me crazyy! :S
but it only works if its NOT in bold. lol blearghhhh xP
okayokay i guess im done here. is this a boring post or what? HAHAH
so sorry about dat ehh ;P well thankyouu for reading!

TAGGG!UR ITTTT! nyehehehx ♥
Nurul: yoyoz! what can i say? i love ur latest post. HAHA. jimmy!!! xD k tk perluu. and once again, thx fr the surprise!! love u n "hayley" !! ;)
heyooooo!hahah i knew itttttt!! confirm 100% plus chop guarantee kau akan sukerrr xD
awwhh ur always welcomeee!anything fr u loveee :3 ♥

fareh: tetek! nice skin. eh anyw, are you still using the same number?
tekkk!HIHI ;D awwhh thanks! n yesyes ofcourse!anything text me yaw (;

Aaai: Heerrlooo!
harlowww youuu! ;D

Wawa: HAHAHA, wah, bnyk mengucap? ;P
LOL ishh mestiii..harusssss!untuk mendapatkan apa yang kita inginkan.
hahah omgomg melayu alert!!xD

Aziee: Hello! I just happen to drop by ur blog today & i saw my name. Haha. Thnks for the bday dedication babe. Apreciated lotszx! ;)
eh hellooo!didnt expect u to b here.LOL!well thanks fr dropping by! hehs :DDD
n no problemmmm! glad u like it. ^^

ctshahira: abg tsk-ing when he watch testimoni becus he's somehow guilty? HAHAHAHAHAHA. & pics all lawa lahhh! first time ni compliment all pics. positive today!
HAHAHAAH!OMGOMG! u read my tweet?? xD ishh tk perlu kann? lyk WTF!hahahah
n jyeahhh 1st time much! n ehh ur nt haley anymore nmpk xD HAHAHAH woah ohh! ;P

im gonna be a blonde fr a moment. eh-hem2
TODDLES! *waves* hahahah ;P

azura outtt xx


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