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Thursday, February 25, 2010

hahahahah!nk step japanese mane ntah.
first things first,im hyperventilated!gonn get a new lappy soon.like finally hee
well at least dats wad mom promised me. hoping she will stick to her words aye :P
&& THE PICTURE BELOW.. these are the amazing girls i met during the shooting of testimoni EPI3.
heheee they're uber friendly. & obviously i was the most shy coz it was my 1st tym
& apparently not for them. LOL howells, ill nvr forget the experience (;

okayy moving on..
went gym-ing with mimi today. in the early mawnin ! fuhhhhh~
i woke up at 8 yknw xD wow can u imagine how panicked i was?? hahahahah
texted mimi at 8:30AM & thank god she was still in the bus.
thanks fr the lil' treat mimi! really appreciate it babe ;P
wanna visit dearest aryna at her workplace soonest!miss her so much!
nyehehehx. && i need to go back to band to help out my juniors.
i've been having too much free time now & it doesnt hurt to help them
for their upcoming competition cmin up!jyeahhh..
IT'S A GAME PLAN! hahahah here comes my crappiness -_-"
alright this is just a short update. btw missing nurul & amirah D';
& ALOT of other people too! youknowwhoyouare (;

TAG REPLIES YO! hehe ♥♥♥
Wawa: Heheheh, thankyouverymuchy, I'll post a pic soon!
yesyes i saw it! woww love the colour of ur hair mannn..natural seyy ;D

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. ohh nta. aku ckp je. psl tu mcm muke steam. LOL. and wateva eh bout TP.
HAHAHAH kau mmg -_-" ehh tapi cute kan?? heeeee~ ishhh!okok wateva eh abt tp..

Rushiqah: erm,nvm la.& i saw u @ Testimoni.It was lyk GREAT ? Hell yeah Huahua, GdJob.dpt jgk eh msk tv. (;
ohh you did??! hahah *covers face* LOL hahah thankyouuu!really appreciate it (;

Aryna: Blog updated dearie
Aryna: Babe, thank you thank you. Lol, gambar kat handphone I hot xD I miss you so bloody much !!
yesyes i sawww! HEEE && omg!u havta show me when i visit youu alrights!
& ill show u mine. uber cuteness x3


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