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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the pictures above are random ^^
it was when me n the two irritating buggers hanged out. HAHAHA! ;P
so anw,here's wats cmin up!
me & aryna going to hougang to see ze boyzzz on 6 FEB!uh huh..
finallyyy!i miss her soo effin much!cant wait to talk & talk
& ohh u get wat i mean (;
& then 4e4's gonna have a class bbq/chalet!woopwoooop!
been waiting for it yawwww :3 hope dat everyone can make it! ;D
IF NOT, we gonna rampage ur house!HAHAH juz kiddin' but seriously -_-
this is so called our last tym together like this!u cnt miss it out fr anything! ;P
ahhhhhhhh~ i miss my class peepz & our silly class mmts ^^
alright,other than dat, me & amirah r planning our clique's day out
after this class bbq! just the six of us girls. hehs
its been awhile since we last hanged out n just chat n hav fun.
the sec 1 & sec 2 dayyz..good times good times (:
so many outings cmin up & IM BROKE! -_-"
mommaye get readyyyyy to stitch the hole in ur pocket cmin soon!
dat i promise you ^^ alright!there goes another random post.
updating for the sake of updating!
TAGGG REPLIESSS!! wowww i lovee u guys soo much!♥♥
thanks fr always dropping by!every tag leaves a smile on my face :D -- SEE? hehs
WAWA: HAHA. i see that photo! ;P & YES , its trueee lah. Nxt time I explain our relation. Bt, hush hush kkk!
seriously seriously?! HAHAHAH okayy ill be waitingggg! insya allahhhh.. AMIN ;D
★Nurul: ape la. miss me konon! hmmph. and no wonder u lik wawa's pic of alif coz he'es holding yr hp eh. ahahha
★Nurul: and yea wawa is. lol.
eh ehhh! tk bersyukur btol budak ni tauuu! sheeeshh.. EHH? hmm ntah ehh ^^
im still waitinggg xD
rushiqah: hay! so u're the one in blue heh?..i did saw u.!in fact,i was standing bhind u wen sleeq tgh perform.& i did hv fun :P
uh huh. oh really?? hahahh!woahhh okay nxt tym juz approach me lahh kayy.
see u ard soon! (:
khalisa!: oh my god. I like your photo collage in your one of your posts
awwhhh thankyouuu!i get dat alot lol.thanks fr dropping by! :D
FANNA!(:: HAHA! yeah la how cool tht we experience fun stuff with our IDOL! LOLS!!! Hi5 babe!
AHAHAHH!awesomeeeee~ *hi five* ;P
Keith.: The sunburn was fun. pain but it's gd to torment urself sometimes. :D
ohh heyy mr i-love-to-tease-ppl-especially-azura ! -_-"
wad fun?! u think u funny uhhh? sheeeeshh.. didnt expect u to be here mann ;P
till the next post!
azura out! xx


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