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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

*cough cough* is this space of mine dusty or whuattss! :/
HAHAH well this post is specially dedicated to my two favourite boys
at ze moment! (& in the long distance future (x )
as u cn see frm their multiple pictures below.
credits to wawa's blog!aft seeing her update abt HER favourite. LOL
she has more info on them!u shud check out her blog if u wanna knw mre?
nyehehehx! they're my new addiction!
P.S i still support SLEEQ! HAHAHAH just sayin ;P

LEE TAEMIN[on the left]&KIM JONGHYUN[on the right]
yupyup!my two favourite boyzzz.. ;D
the cute & the hawt one. [kinda remind me of sleeQ hahahah! wth]

he's the dancing machine in d grp.like seriously!u shud see his popping.
awezzummm!& just look at his irresistable cute smile :3
HE'S MY ULTIMATE FAVE! since well yknw......
im a sucker for cute boys ^^"

love it when he makes a fierce face but ends up looking cute still x3

& this is the bad boy of the group! hahah i think the blonde really suits him well. ;P
he's my 2nd favourite coz he's talks alot & really not afraid to be himself.
PLUS, he's funny. heh & yes even tho he's naughty,LOL he still has a sentimental side to him. (;

& just so you dont know,they're frm a korean grp called SHINee
& NOOOOO! im not koreanised! dammit i hate to admit it hahahah
curse my interest in chinese-looking boys! im so weakkkk xD
actually im not in favour of those K-POP & whatnots.
coz i only favour these two boys. hehehehe.
& dats just bcoz i love their personality in this reality
series called 'HELLO BABY'. yuppers!dats my new addiction.
can i sayyyyy 'HELLO BABY' is my drug? kekeke ;P
they're just so naturally funny in whatever they do in all the episodes.
& seeing them put in so much effort to take care of the baby. awwwhhhh
ITS A BONUSSSS!!! hahahahah bonus i tell yahhh! kachinggg~
LOL not an approproate sound effect i knw. im random. heh ;P
however i still love the whole grp. im not THAT biased yknw. geeez
alright!sme of the reason why i love SHINee is bcoz of their funny&outgoing
personality,the fact that they sing as good when
LIVE as well as their recording songs,WHILE DANCING
i might add. jyeahhh it still amazes me.
& lastly,their synchronised dancing,kayy really im nt kiddin!
their moves are similar but different. get it? as in they put their own style
to the same moves dat they dance in ok i think u get it -.-"
yknw wad, idk bout u bt sme of these reasons remind me of Sleeq hahah
idk mayb its just me. okay LAST WARNING!!!!
I AM NOT KOREANISED. hahahahahahah dowan to admit lahh cannn..
just play along wimme lahh cann.. please & thankyou! yes tyvm ;P

okayy moving on to a more non-related & useful update. HAHAH
have u voted today??! & yesterday annddddd the dayssss beforeeee
for AnugerahHitz?! wellll?? hehe please do. voting every single day
even ONCE,really makes a whole lot of difference. in case u dont know,
SMS 'HITZ 8' TO 73388 !! OR CALL 1900 112 7708
hehehehe gogogooo! that's for sleeq btw. i still support them alot. (;
coz their music nvr fail to impress me. plus i havent voted fr 3 days
so i guess im voting triple times. yeahh i said it!
have a good day ahead peepz!
azura xx

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