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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

yeahh i know,it's been centuries since i updated this rusty blog of mine.
sighhhh..trust me,i really wasnt in the mood to blog until now. :/
sorry peepz!! hope that i still have readers out there ;D
& okayy last week,hanged out at floating platform with nurul.
random meet up. LOL its our favourite hang out place..what can u expect?
nyahahahh. took lotsa picturessss!! its up on fb heh ;P

went jogging with nurul on wednesday night at around her house
area.jogged non-stop for about 30 mins plus.
fuhhhhhh~ u hav no idea hw good me n nurul felt after dat ;D
& went gym-ming with mimi on friday morn.
thanks for treating me the KFC porridge! *hugs*
such a sweet person lahhh she nyehehehx.. aft dat we went to the library
coz mimi wanted to use the com. i cudnt stop laughing for no reason.
& she showed me a picture of this guyy.. wahhhhhhhh~
hahah kayy dats all i can say ^^
&later dat same afternoon, i had a movie date with dearest aryna & nurul!!
we watched 'how to train a dragon'! one word,
AWESOMEEEE!!! it turned out wayyyyy nicer than i thought!
at first i thought it was just another typical cartoon movie
but well it wasnt. yups!you should go watch it!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ;D
two thumbs uppppp!i feel like watching it in 3d now but lol money doesnt
grow on trees yknw. -.-
after the movie,walked around tampines mall && hanged out at J.CO!
im officially in love with their donuts!
well who doesnt?? hahahhh their frozen yoghurt is nice too.
we chatted& laughed alot!everything ends there yo x3
& we didnt take picturesssss!! D; haiyaakkzz wasted..
but nvm.we shall visit each other yknw i knw (;
after aryna parted with us, me n nurul went to floating platform.hahaha
no surprise there aye? surprisingly,it wasnt windy like usual.
when the night came,we laid dwn somewhere there & star-gazed!
talked abt stuffs. hahah mostly.. errmmmm.. yahh LOL
time passed by so fast i swear. & is it just me,or did i meet
nurul alot these days? like reallyyyy!hahah cooooooll..
hope dat us being in different schools doesnt change this!
love youuu bestieeeeee.. woopwoooop. hyunmin is love ^^

& todayy i went too changi airport with kak ira n nurul.
spent our whole afternoon there. shall elaborate when i hav the pictures aite!
hehs kayy finally. blog posted!i feel so good now. lol
p.s SLEEQ FTW!! hahah random k bye.
tags replied at respectives blog okay.

azura xx

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