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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

last sat went to VIVO's skypark for the iTalent competition!
was late.& i mean REALLY late! ahahah fetched amirah
since i was at bedok inter & she decided to go last min.
heheee how awesomeee..& then headed down to VIVO.
we were like 2 hrs late? ^^" & so we missed the band category.
awwwhhhh.. but its okayy went there to support kassim(nurul's cousin),
& kamsani. what an awesomeeee duettt!! reallyreally gave me goosebumps
the whole way through. fuhhhhhhh~
& there was this guy,who sang billyjean by Michael Jackson
lemme tell you,he sureee got the crowd goin'! hahahah
i hav no idea how but he just did it. & aft the whole thangg,sent amirah
to city hall as she had to leave for work & then off to orchard!
to visit aryna at her workplace. heeee.. saw khalis too. (;
had our random chats & pooooffff time just flew by so fast
within dat ard 2 hours. did alot of catching up & we decided to head home
ady since we wanna catch the 1st epi of cinta ixora. kekeke.
was nearly lost!hahah shall not elaborate but pheww we did find
our way in the end & what a longgg bus ride we had!
PLUSSSS it was friggin cold for idk what reason. nurul had her big bag
to cover her hands -_-" & my HP batt was dying on me. tskkk
reached home at abt 9:25PM on time babeyyyy!
hehe kay datss alll..will be posting another post on HITZ.SG. ;D

azura xx


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