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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SHINee !!!!!!!!!
HAHAHAH seriously,they are like my drugs right nowww!
everytime i go online, i want to watch more of their videos!
regardless of whether i've seen it or not. honestly speaking,
i've nvr been so addicted to anything in my entire life. hahah!
they make my life complete! NYAHAHAHAHAH! cornyyyyy muchhhh ;P
here r some of their edited pictures!me likeyyy.bt they r old pics of em

& after watching HELLO BABY, i feel like i've gotten to know their
personality even deeper. coz they tend to show
their other side. woopwoooop! ;D & so i feel like ranting about them
aft watching tons of their videos on youtube! so u may leave anytime now (x
&& their unique & individual personalities really capture my heart.

don't they look hot?! nyahahah >;D key & jonghyun look the same here as they have the same hairstyles. but u'll easily be able to differentiate them now coz of their dinstinctive individual hairstyles for a change. hehs!

now let's start with my favourite shall we?? hehehe
LEE TAEMIN!! a.k.a taeminnie oppa !! kyaaaaaaaa~
he's just too cute to resist! i went to see SHINee live that time with WAWA.
i simply couldnt take my eyes off him! coz his dancing was SUPERB! he adds his own pooping style to the dance moves. woooop~!
it really caught my attention against the other members. & his
blingbling pants helped! xD it was all blingbling im not kiddin lol.
well what can i say since he's the dancing machine in SHINee.
hehs! plus he's the cutest! i love it when his hyungs (the other shinee mmbs)
always tease him but he just smile & laugh it out. awwwhh..
the thing i love about him is dat he never fails to show that sweet smile
of his no matter what. i've never seen him angry before. ;D
&&! he's so soft-spoken & his voice will just practically make me melt!
ohhmygadddd! also,he's always the one who prepares something for yoogeun!
like all the time.. it shows how much he cares & he tries his best to prepare something
even tho he's the youngest.can i say it shows his mature side? nyahah! :3
here's my favourite fer youuu~ ;P

here's my scandal..HAHAHAHH! kiddin. welll, not really ohh idk ;P
KIM JONGHYUN!blingbling jjong!he's the bad boy. the one who likes
skinship. i likeeeeeeee.. LOL. :X
one time,he said, "how important is this baby that i have to sweep
the snow?" LOL! he's one bad appa. ;P & not to mention he's also the most talkative & i love it when he throws
his temper or gets angry jokingly. psst,he will tend to flip his hair nyahahahh!
hawtnessss~ did i mention the blonde hair really suits his image? :DDD He also tends to get away with his evil deeds n most of the time onew was the one to blame. HAHAHAH!
plus, he's really funny! & i love it when he laughs uncontrollably for no reason
sometimes& also how he takes care of TAEMIN.
awwwhh their brotherly love is so strong. When he smiles sweetly without his teeth,i find it ultra cute coz it makes him look shy. :3
he also has the best voice in the group. sometimes he sings randomly
in HELLO BABY. & when he reaches those high notes & sings MJ songs.
oh woww heheh ;D his singing voice is really BOOMZ!

KIBUM! hahah dats his real name. but his stage name is KEY.
almighty keyyyyy!! i find him sexy hahah! really, he's the most naturally sexy
among the group. woopwoop. plus, he also takes care of TAEMIN alot!
easier to say, he's like taemin's mom. nyahahahah! i love their brotherly love too!
one thing about key is,he's VERY straightforward. he's really not afraid to say

what's in his mind. LOL in the 1st epi, he called the others idiots when they
tried to act like babies! HAHAH omg i love how he's serious sometimes. fuhhhh~
BUT, he does have an over jealous personality in him. like he always wants
to be the best & cant admit defeat.& he uses his own sleek strategy to win over
yoogeun's heart which made the other members want to
bring him dwn! LOL! tsktsktsk. keyy uhhhh...
but he IS one of the ACE appas in hello baby! ;D
& he looks really fierce when he performs on stage. mmhmmm niceee.. really niceee.
& he's also the most stylish eg. the way he dresses,dances,presents himself on stage.
LEE JIN KI!! a.k.a onew! hehs! ppl call him onew btw,
& surprisingly,im starting to like him more. because of his randomness&clumsiness.
really,he's the most random!! hahahah in one video of their chicken ad shooting
behind the scenes, he suddenly did this,
onew, *looks up & sighs* & said dat he's happy out of a sudden. & when the cameraman asked wads up.he says, "because i ate chicken
yesterday & it seems like i get to eat it today too.so im really happy"
HAHAHH! jyeahhhhh onew's a chicken lover. like me (;
you have to see the vids to see hw random he is.heh & when the

cameraman asked him will you choose chicken over yoogeun?
(the baby frm hello baby) he said yes,coz the chicken has been
in his life for 25 years!HAHAH how cute is he?? & im in love with his laugh.
its really cute :3 plus,they have a term called 'onew condition'
coz he's really clumsy,random & just ONEW. hahahah! there's one time he talks
abt the weather. lol? && he practically injures himself alot of times
in hello baby! HAHAHAH jyeahh onew is capturing my heart bit by bit ;P

CHOI MINHO!! one of the ace appas in hello baby.
he really has that manly/fatherly aura in him. he's tall,charming&
has a really deep voice. LOL! one time,JONGHYUN teased him & said,
"being tall isnt everything" lol. he's the most serious & really quiet
sometimes. he shows the utmost care & love for yoogeun.
maybe partly because yoogeun looks exactly like him!
ppl will mistook him for his son i tell you! they really look similar! HAHAH
sometimes,he puts aside his work just for yoogeun. which really
shows his sentimentel side. awwhhh.. he's ready to be a father :D
& finally he got first place in yoogeun's heart n beat KEY!

which made them dance a celebration as key dropped to last place hahah!

okayy there goes my rant!trust me, i could go on forever but
it has to stop hereeee. LOL
every episode of HELLO BABY gets funnier which is the reason why im so
addicted to it! i'll nvr get tired of it. i'll still laugh the same way i did ;D
k time to continue watching their videos!heh ;P
& i realised mre ppl r liking SHINee aft watching hello baby!
okayy i have no idea how many times i mentioned hello baby in this post!:/

btw!have u guys voted for sleeq?! hehhehe GOGOGO
HITZ 8 TO 73388 ! ;D

azura xx

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