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Sunday, March 21, 2010

this is really beautifull!!i melted. *-* HAHAHAH thanks to nurul.but really,i find it beautiful!in case you don't know, he's jonghyun from SHINee. i think his two other members melted too xD kay that sounds effin wrong LOL. n jyeahhh im actually not into korean stuffs other than shinee. weird right? i know. so anything dat doesnt involve shinee ill be against it. hahahahha evil? yeah u can say dat. well wads new? dats azura for youuu.lol well to be exact,i dont favour the girl groups. HAHAHAH nurul knows why (;

kayy moving onnn!!

i swear i was reallyreally touched when i watchd this. & i cant believe i was featured!hohoho! ;'D how shuweeeeet are theyyy! heheh. oh btw please watch the video i made of them in my previous post. i hope the boys are doing finee. & i always look forward to anything made by them coz no questions asked,it will be AWESOME. (: im really proud to be supporting them boys! wheehooo~ & its been awhile since i last saw them. i think? LOL P.S DONT STOP VOTING! SMS HITZ 8 TO 73388 it must be stuck inside ur head by now right?

oh btw,you seriously dont have to criticise other ppl's fandoms. just sayin. i mean each of us have our own interests right? so if you dont like them or sumthin just back off. it's irritating me like shit. please & thankyouuu.

tags replied at respective's blog~!

BUT! i gotta reply nurul's tag hereeee! eh-hem2! ohhh pasal shinee kau sukerr eh?? HHAHAH wth siaaa n the dark side? ohh mannn i hate to admit it but yeahhh -_-" but only a glimpse!!!coz im not totally into korean yknw ;P n yess will continue pourin our love to shinee. & SLEEQ! hahah tk perlu k da bye ;P

& to ctshahira aka potentialhayleywilliams hahah [like real] u & ur paramoree lorhhhh! sheesh but i havta agree they are THE bomb!! ;P

azura xx

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