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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I LOVE THIS! like serious shit. nyahahah

hellohello!finally a proper update aye? heh. & yes this was last wednesday? if im not wrong.had an awesome time!will never fail to have fun when it comes to hanging out with these two. my bestie n closest cousin. what could be better? nyehehehx. btw we just decided to have a random meet-up.since school is starting soon& i just want to get my butt out of the house! Whenever,wherever. so anyone wanna hang out? im just a call awayyy~ before 13 april! hahah if possible i do not wanna stay at home. okayy teeettttt! side-tracked. anyway,we went to eat lunch at T3. mine was 7 bucks!! holy mother of pearl! HAHAH not worth it i tell you. -_-" but the ice jelly cocktail was the bomb. niceee (; we practically walked everywhere. & i mean everywhere. LOL cam-whored randomly at some places. more pictures up on fb!! stopped for ice cream. it was too tempting for me to give it a miss. *glares at 'potentialhayleywilliams'* nyahahah me & nurul was resisting so much NOT to talk about SHINee. yeah we survived. we're not that fanatic yknw. (; just sayin lol. eh nurul ehh? *winkwink* ^^ at the end of the day we drained so much of our energy by laughing & just crapping around. i was totally beat out. i cudnt even laugh when i wanted to. HAHAH okayy i'll stop here. don't want to rant so much in the middle of the night.good night !! P.S i love my editing this time. *pats myself on the back (LOL!)

azura xx

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