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Friday, April 30, 2010

OH...MYY....GODDDD!!! its been almost a month since i last updated...~
hahaha sincere apologies ppl. twitter DOMINATES!! NYAHAHAH
i tend to rant on twitter so yeahhh~ anw! starting with last sat.
SLEEQ'S RUN-THROUGH. what can i say?? awesome! n u knw ittt! hehh
had the utmost fun with the wonderful peepz who were present.
the atmosphere was hyped!! performances dope! had the utmost funnn im tellin u.
met up with aryna at bugis & when we reached, sat n hanged out with isk n nissa
b4 the interview thingy started. LOL
to tell u the truth, me n aryna had NO idea hw we managed to get in when alyph
& syarif were rehearsing. hahhaha exclusiveee yknw~ woopwooop.
&& i knew it! confirm plus chop these dudes will mess up when it comes to selamat malam!
hehh pardon me, i just love rubbing it in. TRACK 8 FTW WOKAY! lol ;p
also just found out dat nissa is liyana's cousin, who's also a sleeqer. heh
wad a small world. fuhhh~ btw, alyph looks tall n handsome when he walked in b4 the show.
to tell u the truth, i thought he was a mat salleh yknw!
with the dyed hair n shades n smart clothes. bt as he got closer.. totally alyph -.-
HAHAHAHAH no offense to alyphians out thr. lol ;p
ermmm what else ehh? just had tons of funn! special thanks to dearest aryna!~
who made it extra funnn hee. we even clicked with chippy & aziee! like instant "click"
hehh lovin ittt.. PICTURES BELOWWW.
darn fb! this is only a mini lot of pics dat i cn get a hold of at the mmt. -.-
the best of the best! hehhh ;p

we nvr fail to have fun dont we?? love u dearest! heh ;p

SHINee saranghaeyoooo! ;D

'THE LOST BROS' as quoted by aryna ! hahah paham2kan ajer eh korangs~ lol

i miss this bunch!! i will nvr forget our mmts okayy.. hehe ;p
azura xx

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