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Thursday, April 08, 2010

okayy so yesterday chilled with aai,wawa & isk at bugis. helped wawa find her school shoes yawww! hehhh.. then we met up with isk. eat at uhhh.. tongseng?? is dat how u spell it??HAHAHAHH! im the only one who's nvr been there -.-" well at least i have noww ;p me & wawa cudnt stop talking abt SHINee every now & then!"PALDANG DAMNN..." "PALDANG DAMMIT!!" goshh ill nvr get tired of it seriously. & then aai & isk will be like no comments. lol? howells ;P all of them are great company really! OH YESS!! cinnamon melts!!! HEAVENLY~~~ *-* hav u tasted something better? I.THINK.NOT! hahah kay im overreacting. home-ed by MRT & bus.

&& BEFORE I FORGET!! (okay i don't think i will xD) HAPPY BIRTHDAYY KIM JONGHYUNN!! aka jjong blingbling/puppy jjong HEH!! ;D muchh loveee ayeeee~ he's my 2nd favee. ;D

look at the video of him close-up.showing off his vocals! i love his eyes btw. all sparkly & big & looks like a puppy. thus the name? LOL ;p NOW! if u still think SHINee is all looks & no talent, did i prove u wrong? coz seriously, they are much much more than that! tskkk. all of them ARE good-looking tho. every single one of them (; no question about it.

but anw! since today is jonghyun's bday,all fans from around the world came together & made him a TT!!umm yeahh,apparently he managed to make it to NUMBER 2! hell yeahh. & for once i didnt see justin bieber's name? LOL no comments. it's cool dat all the fans are coming together to wish him a happy birthday! i hope he had a good one. i saw a pic of what KEY gave him,one of the members from SHINee. so cute & sweet! i swear. i'll share it with u guys next time kayy. but for now, happy birthdayy kim jonghyun!! wheee~ psssstt..finally nurul is updating her blog after like uhhh..centuries?? hahah just for this day! ELEHHHH ;p alright i guess thatsss itttt..!

azura xx

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