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Friday, April 30, 2010

here is a brief summary of the weekkk!
monday lecture, assignments!
tuesday,models,models andddd.... yeps! moreee models! -.-
wednesday, PRESENTATION! i screwed up :/
hahah bt it's all good.... thanks to classmates! i made it through
with our silent communication. hahah thanks guys!!! ;D woopdeedoop
well u cnt blame me right? first time's the charm xD
thursday,REST DAYYY! seriously, came home straight aft sch n sleep LOL
no moree lecturess~ but heavy work is comin our wayyy. ;p
friday, i almost became a mad woman. like insane! my idea gt rejected
umpteen times i was at the verge of givin up. bt dats not the reason
y i joined design. like our director moses lim says, keep trying & dont give up.
if u've been to hell, everywhr else is heaven. heh. im ready! to work hard. (:
i gt an idea dat seems to b fine bt i'll try to develop it more. no resting during weekends.
the earlier i finish the better. OH PLUS! went shopping with aai & isk earlier today!
at marina sq. heh i made isk tempted to buy dat cap. >;D bt no kiddin it
looks nice on him. nyahahah! >;D & we also waled ard ion n cineleisure? isk saw this SHINee
poster! omggg i only caught a glimpse!! urghhhhh~
dinner with aai at simpang n home-ed! im BEAT OUT.
alrightyo till my nxt update! will promise to update mre ;D xx

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