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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

YOOOOO~!! i effin miss these guys below!
im sure many are anticipating their comeback. their new album!
oh mannn i really want them to comeback on stage soonnnnn! ;P
below are some of their best pictures i could find in a shortest period of time xD
P.S onew is stealing my heart more nowadays :X HAHAHAHAH! just look.
i've seen alot of videos of him playing in the musical. really nice & hilarious! ^^
but it has cost him to b absent in alot of shinee's perfs :/

HERE'S MY BABY x3 hahah he's such a child but when he dances, he becomes so
manly. his alter ego just whooosh~ come out! LOL?
ahhhhh there u gooo~! sexayeeee jonghyun. I.WANT.HIS.BLOND.HAIR.BCK!!! ;]

KEY! great at everything. i really mean everything lol. i love how he always waves to his fans and pay alot of attention to them. ;D

charismatic minho. he has a way with girls. truly an ideal guy.paldang dammit! hahah ill show u the videos some other time. ;P

alright!! MOVING ON~ school has been great! i simply love our new MODULE. really funnnn!! heheee n more relaxing coz its simply drawing. FOR NOW at least. i should enjoy the resting time i have while it lasts...... ;D & im starting to relive my love for drawing anime. have been doing random sketches of anime nowadays. n im gonna start drawing some anime characters too! SOON SOON. TEEHEEE & im broke -.- coz of buying the stuffs for this subject costs 70 bucks plusplusPLUS yknw!! sheeshh. but its okay, ill b using it for the next 3 yrs of my life so its inevitable heh. & i love how for the whole of the nxt module the whole of RHD is having class together!! how FAWESOME IS THAT?! wheeehoooo~

BTW IM LOOKING FORWARD TO 5TH JUNEEE!! yeyaaaa~! i hope alot of ppl im close to r going! u knw who u r >;D hehhh SLEEQ! i miss blasting out their songs! dammit i hav paid too much attention on shinee. i shall blast classiQ tonite before i sleep. i kinda miss those days~ hahah sembunyi will b on repeat! ;P so till then, have a great week aheaddd peepozzzz~!

xoxo azura

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