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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

aryna reminded me of updating. goddammit! i totally forgot abt this space of mine. :X
hahah well im here nw! i wonder if i still have readers. hmmm
anws! yesterday, well technicalle yesterday yesterday since its alrdy 1:46AM nw.
first up, submission of model! & also reflective journal. wasnt done bt howells,
cnt really do anything abt it. & presentation was pretty manageable.
at least i gt my idea thr. i just have to work on my workmanship.
& its amazing how eric could just make up stories to make his idea work.
& it sounded believable. hahah funnyy~

so anws! after which, had an impromtu meet up with my lovelies!
its been awhile since we hanged out like thissss~ i miss our daily times in sec sch!
our crazy,random,crappy,full of laughter mmts. i miss it so muchhh really. ;p
bt sadly, naqi wasnt thr coz it was last min n at nite so we doubt she cn make it.
we DID make a video for her tho. it took us 3 takes! waitin for amirah to upload it on fb ^^
really had fun in mac!! hahah cam-whored like nobody's business &
i think we disturbed the o-lvl schoolers who were studying thr.
goshhh made me miss those mugging days~ MacD was the top spot! HAHAH
okay below r just some of the pictures dat we took heh more on fb! (:
have a great week ahead! looking forward to FRIDAYYYYYYYY!! jam n hop babeyyyy!!! ;D

HAHAH this is so called my signature pose -.-
but i LOVE this pictureee!! real nicee heh


till my next update! hahah soonnn i hope ^^

azura out xx

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