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Friday, June 04, 2010

it was last saturday, i went to the studio first at late afternoon to finish my work before heading dwn to scape to meet the boysss with kak ira n nurul!! wheeeeee~
we were lateeee. luckily the boys gt another perf at 6.30pm!
if not, our trip thr will b wasted. i swear i will cry. cheyyyy!! xD
we went to buy some snacks before heading dwn to d place. walked ard n terserempak with aai,mai n wawa. went to the rooftop n danced! to yknw what? LOL
aft dat, went to c the boys perform. nurul rinduuuuuuu~! hahah alyph smiled at her fr quite a while when he was performing.. waduhhhh!! HAHAH n gt this one part alyph was right in frnt of me n looking at my cam bt i didnt zoom out so can only see his face HAHAH funny shitzzz!!
but wastedddddddd~ howells, thr's always a nxt time.
hanged out at rooftop fr awhile n nurul we gotta meet up to dance!~ hahah random.
thn aai,mai n wawa had to leave && me,nurul n kak ira cam-whored like alwaysss~ walked to 313! ate long johns. n took 65 homee!~
had the funniest conversation while in the bus! till my stomach cramp xDDDD
cakap sini habis sini. LOL here r the pics! MORE ON FB!! ;DD

xx azura

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