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Monday, June 21, 2010

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!! *cough cough*
I TOTALLY FORGOT ABT THIS SPACE OF MINE!!! dearest aryna reminded me. lol!
i promise im gonna take care of this baby frm now on yeah??? *pinkie swear* ^^
oh yeah the above pic is random! me n nurul wrote it fr the boys during our class BBQ XD
n today was the first day of sch aft 2 weeks break.
it wasnt dat bad since its just the starting of HELL. cheyy!! hahah bt seriously.
we gt two modules this time. nufffff~ said. ended early coz our awesome lecturer
ended it with just a subject brief which took only 20 mins. awesome or whuaats~!
we just knew him today bt he's just plain awesome. he cn like totally
relate to our craps above all CRAPS. NYAHAHAHH awesomeawesome.
bt this few weeks's gonna b a drag. 9-6 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY xP
i only got tonite off!! must infest myself with shinee vids!! coz i doubt i hav any time fr dat
in the near future. T-T
bt anw! this has been my short update! will try to post everyday alrightyo!
azura xx

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